Expert Piano Tuner and Technician:

Jim Lambla cell/text: (949) 309-8000

When a child sits at the piano, they have a brief opportunity to connect and express themselves through the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of music. The piano is uniquely capable of expressing all musical dimensions, but only when properly tuned and maintained.  Jim respects the time you and your child spend at the piano and appreciates how satisfying it is when a piano responds well.  It is frustrating to practice on an untuned piano without the beauty of harmony, or when the flow and rhythm is broken with an unexpected key response, rattle, or buzz.  When your piano sounds and performs well, practice can be as rewarding as a recital performance.

If you would like to restore the harmony to your piano, you’ll find Jim Lambla to be easy, accommodating, and committed to your musical enjoyment.