First and foremost, I am passionate about teaching music.  I believe music touches the soul like no other activity and I have dedicated my life to creative expression through music.  I am a dynamic conservatory-trained pianist and a trained motivational coach.  I am unique in that I teach to each student’s personality, abilities, and interests. I believe that piano teaching is an amazing vessel to connect with students on bigger pictures, addressing character development in youth, and life's philosophical journey for adults. My teaching style is flexible, positive and humorous. My studio lessons are tailored to each student, with a strong emphasis on expression, technique, and practice methods.  I have a full repertoire that includes all genres of piano music.  I can help start you toward whatever goals you would like to set for yourself, whether it is the latest popular hit, or entrance into Juilliard.  I would enjoy speaking with you about your musical experience and goals.

My studio offers music and instruction to all ages and levels of ability, with students aged 3-91, beginning to advanced, timid to shameless.  I offer routine performance opportunities throughout the year for all of my students.  A minimum of two formal recitals are scheduled each year with periodic casual performance opportunities where we all play in venues such as a restaurant's outdoor patio or even the beach.  In addition, I routinely have community service performances where we share our music at several locations in the area - food drives, assisted living centers, and long term care centers.  My studio also sponsors a helping hand program where my older students earn community service hours by providing music instruction to younger students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn music.   

 I am an active MTAC member and I am proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in all MTAC performance festivals, the Certificate of Merit, and the most diverse and engaging musical experience in the area. 

Students can expect to learn the discipline and concentration necessary to achieve musical goals. Through performance they learn how to focus and share their talent with others, accepting both praise as well as constructive criticism with poise. These qualities will be part of their joyful character throughout life.